Welcome To CandyCabs!

News: (updated 06-12-2012)

Dec 12

Sorry the website has been so quiet - it's been on the "to do" list for ages now. CandyCabs is still going although we've switched from offering standardised machines to building custom cabs for our clients now. If you would like a quote for a custom arcade machine please mail me directly mike@candy-cabs.com

Jan 09

Last year was a great success for CandyCabs with 35 new machines built and sold. December was as mad as we predicted with 14 units sold in just 3 weeks! Even though we thought we were prepared for the Christmas rush this time, demand still outstripped supply and unfortunately we ran out of demo units just befor the holidays.

I'm pleased to say that we now have demo units available once again, but supply of the FOBT machines has now dried up, and we are reaching the end of our stock. If you do want a CandyCab in Red or Blue please contact us now as we don't expect stock to last past the next couple of months.

March 09

Coming soon - A new range of CandyCabs. As stock of our original Red and Blue machines runs out over the next few months we will be introducing a new model to the CandyCab range. The CandyCab Custom will be a higher spec machine featuring a redesigned control panel with a trackball. Customers will be able to specify many unique elements of the cabinets, including the colour and type of controls. Prices will depend upon specification, but should start at around the £1800.00 mark. For a sneak preview - click here!

Who Are We?

CandyCabs was founded by Mike Cox, a long-time arcade enthusiast and converter/restorer of JAMMA cabinets and other arcade machines. Having successfully completed a large number of MAME conversions on standard JAMMA cabs, Mike stumbled upon a supply of ex-fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs). These machines had been used in bookmakers to play simple games such as Blackjack and Roulette, but Mike knew they were capable of so much more!

To see some of the other machines Mike has converted please go to www.jamma-cabs.com

CandyCabs has grown from a hobby to a small business based upon high quality products and customer satisfaction. We are passionate about what we do, and we think that shows in the quality of our machines and the care we give our Customers.

We've been trading since 2006 and in that time have converted and sold over 80 cabinets. We have a 100% customer satisfaction track record and are extremely proud of the products we supply and the joy that they bring.

What Do We Do?

In summary, we convert previously used FOBTs into fully featured arcade machines for the home and office. In reality there’s much more to it than that. We have designed our own control panels, built custom amplification boxes, written our own user-interfaces…the list goes on. In addition to working with FOBTs, we also restore and convert traditional JAMMA cabinets to work with PC based emulators as well as some more “individual” arcade based projects by request from our customers.

We have experience in creating custom looms, bespoke control panels – including artwork, creating special circuits (to link coin-mechs with pc’s for example) and many other arcade machine related skills.

What Is A CandyCab?

The name CandyCab refers to a special type of arcade cabinet that hails from Japan. These machines are typically smaller and lighter than the traditional wooden JAMMA cabinets found in European and US arcades throughout the 70’s and 80’s. CandyCabs are usually constructed of ABS plastic, and have a more modern feel than their European counterparts.

In Japanese amusement arcades it is very common to see people sitting down whilst playing. For this reason most CandyCabs are adjustable to allow for standing or seated play. This is achieved by removing the bottom section of the cabinet to reduce the height. CandyCabs are also slightly smaller and much lighter than traditional JAMMA cabs, so they will fit through a standard door and are easy to move around.

Are They Brand New?

The cabinets we use started life as FOBTs and are typically 3-4 years old. They have served their time in bookies and clubs, and bear the occasional battle scar to prove it. We do our best to restore them to as close to new condition as possible but you will still see the odd minor scratch, blemish or remains of a cigarette burn on some areas of the bodywork.

None of the marks detract from the playing experience, and most are only visible upon very close inspection. These machines cost many thousands of pounds each when new, and they were built to last. Fortunately, they have been used indoors and in dry conditions (bookies and clubs) – and all have been well maintained and serviced prior to coming to us.

The main playing controls and the control panels are all supplied brand new by us, so when you play the machine it feels factory fresh with tight controls and lightning fast responses.