CandyCabs Operating Instructions

Congratulations on your purchase of a new CandyCabs Arcade Cabinet. The instructions below will guide you through the basic operations of the machine. CandyCabs are designed to be configured in any way our customers desire, so the instructions below refer to the default factory configuration before customisation.

Getting Started.

Plug your CandyCab into a UK mains 240v outlet using the mains lead and plug located at the rear of your cabinet.

  • Press the Redpower button located on the upper front panel adjacent to the coin slot.

  • Within a few seconds you should notice the internal PC booting up. Please wait until Windows is loaded and the system is ready.

  • CandyCabs boot automatically into MameWah which is our chosen front-end for MAME. From here all MAME options are available through the joysticks and buttons on the front panel of your CandyCab – no keyboard or mouse is necessary.

    Using MAME

    • Use Joystick 1 to select and highlight your chosen game from the list.

    • Moving the joystick up and down scrolls the list by game.

    • Moving the joystick left and right scrolls the list by letter (a faster way of finding the game you want).

    • Once you have selected a game press the Player 1 Start button to load it.

    • Wiggle the joystick left and right to navigate through the MAME legal screens.

    • Insert credits by pressing the black credit button on the coin slot panel.

    • Start the game by pressing either the Player 1 Start Button or Player 2 Start Button depending upon your choice of number of players and available credit.

    • Enjoy your game!

    Exiting MAME

    • Once you’ve had enough of your chosen game press Player 2 Start  and   Player 1 Start (in that order) together. This will exit the game and bring you back to the MameWah menu.

    • From here either chose another game, chose another game list or exit MameWah.

    Selecting another game list

    CandyCabs ship with three games lists installed; All Games (a list of all games playable under the current version of MAME) , Classics (a much shorter list containing all those Retro classics we remember from the 70’s and 80’s), and Most Played (an auto-generated list of the games you play the most)

    • To select a new list press  Player 2 Start whilst in the main MameWah menu.

    • This will load the MameWah Options Menu.

    • Use the joystick to navigate to “Select Game List” and then press Player 1 Start

    • Use the joystick to navigate to your chosen list and then press Player 1 Start to select and load it.

    To Exit MameWah

    • Press Player 2 Start whilst in the main MameWah Menu.

    • Use the Joystick to navigate to “Exit MameWah”.

    • Press Player 1 Start to select your chosen option.

    • Chose Exit & Shutdown” to finish playing and shut down your CandyCab.

    • Chose Exit To Windows” to access the windows Desktop and play the WinCab Jukebox.

    Other Functions

    • Both the Player 1 and Player 2 buttons are mapped to the standard MAME keys by default.

    • In addition we provide 2 Pinball “Flipper” buttons on the side of the cabinet – these are mapped to MAME keys P1-7 and P2-7 or C & J respectively.

    • As a default, pressing the left flipper button will bring up the MAME config menu (same as pressing TAB). Pressing the right flipper button with Pause the current game.

  • Some games need to be reset once loaded to make them function correctly (Williams games such as Defender, Joust, Stargate and Robotron for example). To reset a game press P2-7 and P1-7 together( in that order) – Right flipper and left flipper together = game reset. Alternatively, reset the game from within the config menu.

      Using WinCab Jukebox

      • WinCab Jukebox is accessible from the Windows desktop.

      • To access the Windows desktop exit MameWah with the “Exit To Windows” option.

      • Double tap on the Touchscreen over the WinCab Jukebox icon to load the application.

      • Add credit using the black credit button next to the coin slot.

      • WinCab looks in three places for your MP3 files:- C:\MP3 (a directory on your local hard drive inside the CandyCab), D:\ (your DVD drive) and E:\ (the memory stick provided with your CandyCab).

    • Once WinCab has scanned C:\MP3; D:\ and E:\ it will display all available tracks.

    • Use the Touchscreen to select the tracks you wish to play – remember to insert more credit if you want a long play list.

        Other WinCab functions

        WinCab uses the Touchscreen for selection of tracks and navigation but other functions are available as below:-

        • Player 1 – Button 1 – Select

        • Player 1 – Button 2 – Pause

        • Player 1 – Button 3 – Skip Track

        • Player 1 – Button 4 – GUI Select

        • Player 1 – Button 5 – Clear Queue

        • Player 1 – Button 6 – Exit WinCab

        Important – Shutting Down Your CandyCab

        CandyCabs are built to last but the most vulnerable aspect of them is the Microsoft operating systems upon which they are based. Following the correct shut-down procedure will ensure many years of trouble free operation. Failure to do so will leave you exposed to the many “features” of Windows which really doesn’t like being switched off without being warned….

        • To shut down your CandyCab from within MameWah simply select “Exit MameWah” from the MameWah options menu and chose “Exit & Shutdown”. When windows has closed properly a message will be displayed and it will be safe to switch off your CandyCab at the mains.

        • To shutdown your CandyCabs from the windows desktop use the Touchscreento press “Start”, then press “Turn Off Computer”, then press “Turn Off”. Once Windows has shout down correctly please turn off your CandyCab at the mains.

        • Never use the Red button to shut down your machine!

        Please don't leave your CandyCab switched on over night– the monitor never powers off and you will use up lots of electricity and generate a great deal of heat. Always switch off at the mainswhen you are finished.

        Enjoy – it’s what it’s all about. J