CandyCabs Jukebox

As a bonus, and because our customers have asked for it, we provide a touch screen Jukebox feature on every CandyCab model. This software is easy to operate and gives you the ability to play back your favourite MP3s using the speakers and stereo amp on your CandyCab.

This feature is incredibly popular at parties and really does transform the CandyCab into a home entertainment centre. Volume can be adjusted using the manual control built into our front panels, or by using the “flipper” buttons on the side of the cabinet for up and down. All functions can be mapped to different buttons depending upon user preference.

The software is fully featured and includes functions such as pause, skip, play random song etc…. It really is just like having a jukebox in your own home. Simply insert a CD/DVD or use the memory stick (provided) to load your songs into the MP3 directory and away you go!

Custom Control Panel

Our new contol panels are designed for maximum playing pleasure. We make and test our own wiring looms and only use the highest quality components. Most users will never need to see the inside of one of our cabinets, but for the technically curious - here's a pictue.

Physical Dimensions

CandyCabs are designed to fit through a domestic door and should be easy to install in any home. They all have fixed castors on the base and can be moved by one person with ease. They can be connected to a standard domestic power supply.

Weight is approx 65kg.

CandyCab Custom - Sneak Preview

The images below are from prototypes of the new CandyCab Custom cabinets we will be launching soon. So far we have built a metallic black version for one of our long-term clients, and we're just putting the finishing touches to a very special "Candy Blue & Silver" unit.

Prototype-1 Black and Silver

Prototype-2 Candy Blue Control Panel

More to come.....