Due to massive demand for the CandyCab Plus, the CandyCab Classic is no longer available. (Sorry, but we needed all the base cabinets to make the Plus versions!)

CandyCab Plus – Specification (updated)

Factory re-furbished ABS plastic body – compact and light weight – no maintenance required.

• Height adjustable – shipped configured for standing play, but bottom section can be easily removed for seated play by smply removing four bolts.

• High quality fixed castors on base – easy to move, simply tilt and wheel.

• 19” EDO touch-screen monitor – SVGA resolution – no screen-burn or colour defects. Gives crisp, clear images of your arcade games.

• Custom built control panel – all new components – colour matched to original bodywork and covered with a tough protective laminate.

• Full 2 player control system – 8 way joysticks with 6 buttons per player, plus P1 & P2 start and additional pinball/flipper buttons mounted conveniently at the side of the cabinet.

• Ships pre-configured for MAME, but is totally re-configurable to work with any emulator or application.

• Only high quality components used – IPAC keyboard encoders from Ultimarc, X-Arcade joysticks and buttons.

• Custom built stereo amp – built by ourselves for the best quality sound.

• Pause button - again sounds ovbious, but surprisingly usefull for when the phone rings!

• External volume control – unique to CandyCabs this feature is essential if playing in a domestic environment. No more opening up cabinet doors and messing around with PC speakers!

• High quality stereo speakers. Even though most older games are in mono, the newer ones have stereo soundtracks and they all sound great through our high quality speakers.

• MEI Cashflox 115Dfx coin mech installed (not connected for legal reasons) and supplemented by a simple front-mounted credit button for free-play.

• External power on/off button. One button does it all – simply press and play.

  • An upgraded PC - brand new -  built to a high specification.
  • Intel Pentium Dual-Core cpu @ 2.2Ghz, 2Gb of RAM, 300Gb SATA HDD, DVD R/W, keyboard & mouse.
  • 2Gb USB memory stick to make transfer of ROMs and MP3s really easy!

This really is over the top for playing retro arcade games, but as MAME evolves some of the newer games are more demanding. This system guarantees a certain degree of future-proofing and makes playing the newer games easy, with plenty of space for future expansion. If you want to play the large CHD based MAME ROMS - this is the model for you.

CandyCabs feature lockable compartments with easy access to the PC, Screen, Coin Box and Rear Compartment. When locked the cabinets are 100% secure and tamper proof.