What Makes Ours So Special?

We never rush our work, and we like to think about design before undertaking any project. We are aware that we are last to market with our machines and that similar looking offerings can be found all over eBay – but we think ours are the best available and that quality is worth waiting for.

• All of our machines are completely stripped and cleaned at the start of the conversion process.

• We test all components thoroughly, replacing any worn out parts with brand new ones.

• We replace the entire control panel with a brand new, custom designed, laser cut panel made of quality steel. No cheap plastic panels. No visible bolts or screws. No sharp edges to cut yourself on. Our panels look and feel like factory original parts.

• Our control panels are colour matched to the existing ABS bodywork, then protected using a transparent laminate built to resist any dents or scratches. We want our work to look good, and stay looking good.

• The layout of the joysticks and buttons is ergonomically designed and tested.

• We provide two additional “pinball” buttons on the side of the cabinet. These can be configured as pinball flippers or as any other function our customers desire.

• Unique to CandyCabs is our custom audio solution. We build our own stereo amp boxes and provide an external volume control built into our control panels.

• Our looms are professionally built and neatly installed.

• Our cabinets come with new graphics for the marquee and instruction panel.

• Custom installation. Many years of experience with MAME has taught us how to get the most out of this fantastic piece of software. All of our machines come with MAME fully installed and configured. Simply add your ROMs to the correct directory and away you go.

• Unique front-end. We provide a well designed and easy to use user-interface to MAME. No need for keyboards or a mouse – everything is controlled via the joysticks and buttons.

• External power switch. Sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many converters don’t provide this! The last thing you want to do is open up the machine with the keys just to switch it on…..

• Full set of working keys. All machines have secure compartments and we provide keys to all locks.

• Bonus touch-screen jukebox feature! Our machines are designed to be entertainment centres. When you’ve finished playing all those retro classics simply touch the jukebox icon on the screen and hear all of your MP3s in glorious stereo. Very cool at parties!

The CandyCab control panel, including many of it's unique features can be seen below:-